RTJ Construction Bergen County New Jersey Commercial Retail Renovation Curb Appeal

A retail renovation may look like a crazy thing to do in a bad economy. Money is tight, sales are not what they used to be, so why is that store owner or mall landlord renovating????

Anyone who is a serious business owner understands that the storefront is often the key to attracting customers. You’ve got to get them to come to the store before they will see your goods and buy. Without excellent curb appeal, you just blend in with the rest.

A retail renovation is an investment which adds value to the property and to the prospective prosperity of the business.

Renovating an older storefront or a dated mall can revitalize an entire commercial area, not to mention the immediate area of the retail store itself or the mall.

This gives the retail facility in question instant curb appeal that will attract more clientele – either brand new customers, old customer who come back because the building no longer looks shabby, and it fills the empty stores with new businesses.

With high demand for office and retail space, retail renovation and commercial building property maintenance is vital not only to the survival of the facility but to also maintain and attract desirable tenants who plan on staying a long time.

Less turnover in tenants contributes to the overall good reputation of the commercial property and goes a long way to attract the right types of tenants.

After all, leases eventually expire and a retail renovation could mean the difference between a happy tenant and an empty space.

Retail renovation projects accounted for 25% of all mall construction contracts in 2010. Shopping centers and other retail facilities know they have to renovate to boost sales and to keep current tenants happy.

Retail renovation reduces ownership costs by increasing occupancy and decreasing maintenance costs.

The United States economy is very slowing emerging from this devastating recession.

The business owner who has not maintained and improved his or her property during the recession will find their renovation costs will be increasing as the construction industry recovers.

Those business owners who attended to their investment during the recession will see a higher value for those improvements both in the curb appeal of their business plus a much better likelihood of leasing to quality tenants.

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