RTJ Construction and Remodeling makes it as easy as possible for you to begin your add a level residential construction and renovation project. Hassle free and no worries!

Why would you want to add a level to your home? Allow RTJ Construction and Remodeling to shed a little light on this –

  • A need for extra room
  • More roomy living space
  • Family growth without relocating
  • Added curb appeal and resell value
  • Double the size of your present home
  • Give your present home an affordable makeover
  • Increase your quality of life with additional storage, such as closets and cupboards, eliminating clutter
  • Increase the functionality of your home with added rooms

What sort of benefits would you gain by adding a level to your home?

  • Create a larger kitchen or bathroom
  • Transform a master bedroom into a master suite
  • Create additional bedrooms and / or spare bedrooms for company
  • Create larger roomier closets for efficient, additional storage
  • Transform your living room into or add a great room, family room, den, library or media room
  • Add a game room, playroom, home theater or exercise room
  • Expand current 2nd story bathrooms and bedrooms with dormers
  • Gain extra living space with porches, decks and sunrooms
  • Expand your garage and gain valuable storage space

What’s involved?

Here’s how it works:

  • Our designer visits with you to document and discuss your vision for your add a level
  • The footprint of your home is added to the design concept drawing, in order to create a plan that utilizes the most energy efficient and cost effective dream sketch
  • Once you approve the project drawing our licensed architect (or yours) will prepare all building renovation plans and obtain the necessary permits for you
  • Our designer visits with you again to assist you in deciding on and picking out the final details of your project
  • The RTJ Construction team of professionals then begins work and your vision becomes a reality with minimal interference in the daily life of you and your family
  • Your RTJ Construction and Remodeling Project Manager stays with you throughout the entire project, with daily or weekly updates of progress, as you choose.
  • We treat your home with the same care and attention to the smallest detail that we would give our own.
  • We treat you with respect, 110% of our attention and unparalleled excellent customer service.

How much will it cost?

The RTJ Construction and Remodeling request for quote, walk through and assessment of the true scope of your project is always FREE.

Cost of the add a level project is dependent upon the scope of the project and materials chosen. Since we treat every residential add a level, remodeling, renovation and expansion project individually based upon these guidelines, we cannot just give you a generic quote. We need to do a walk through and assess the situation personally. Then our Management team sits down with you, the home owner, to discuss and clarify all details prior to any work beginning.

The RTJ Construction and Remodeling Project Management Team wants you, the home owner, to be perfectly comfortable with every step of the project process. We also give you our guarantee that your project will be completed on time, within budget and to your complete satisfaction.

How Do I Get Started?

Very easily!! Call or text us today at 201.788.1510 to set up your appointment for your FREE quote, walk through and project assessment OR use the handy contact form to your left and we’ll be more than happy to get right back to you!