The economy with it’s ups and downs creates entrepreneurs these days left and right. And, some seasoned self employed business owners who work from home are just getting tired of working out of their kitchens. Or bedrooms. Or wherever they are cramming a few file cabinets and a desk and computer. Trying to make an office out of a spare closet isn’t working. That means one thing.

It’s time to convert that extra bedroom or spare room into a proper home office. Or, it just may be time to add on to your home and build a home office. Why would you do this?

For starters, you need ROOM. You need elbow room, you need to be able to walk around comfortably without tripping over paperwork, files, and whatever else you’ve got in your office. You need proper lighting, you may even need more windows or French doors, not only for fresh air but for natural light and for your sanity.

If you have clients occasionally stop in, you need a presentable, inviting environment. There may be a need for a couch, or for a comfortable meeting table.

To get organized, and prime your business for it’s next stage of growth, you need adequate room for bookshelves, filing cabinets, desks and chairs, computers, work tables. How to achieve all of this cohesively and pull it all together?

In order to capitalize on the space you’ve already got, or plan to have, custom built in cabinetry is the answer. Custom built in cabinetry is efficiency at it’s best, plus, it can add style and class to your home office. If working with an existing room, you may need to consider applying new drywall over a popcorn ceiling or simply to get a new look and feel. Add some custom designed moulding and millwork for a fresh new look.

Repurpose your old desk – maybe the top is beat up and worn, plus your work tables – with new work surfaces such as granite or faux granite, such as one uses for counter tops in the kitchen. Put down a floor that is durable and cleans up easily, and preferably doesn’t retain scratch or scuff marks.

Short on space? Gain it by making your work tables, and even your desk, built in. Add some recessed lighting. Create a home office that looks like a million, will make you millions, and didn’t cost a million!


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